Our values

Collard family

At the service of the winegrowers for 5 generations, COLLARD ensures the respect of its family values.
In 1961 André COLLARD developed out the prototype of a revolutionary machine, of the very first mechanical Vine Trimmer ! As a technical and social advance, the COLLARD Vine Trimmer is gradually making its way into all the vineyards in the world. With more than 80 models in its catalog, COLLARD counts thousands of machines in service worldwide to establish itself as undisputed leader.
The COLLARD company has taken advantage of this experience to develop many other equipments : Leaf Removers, Prepruners, Tree Hedgers, etc ...

Collard reliable

COLLARD has built up a network of distributors and dealers with great experience. Thanks to this network, COLLARD can provide wine growers with high quality commercial and technical services, around the world.

Collard Innovating

With its own research and development department equipped with high performance tools (CADD, MODELING ...), COLLARD is constantly innovating to the quest to design unique equipment perfectly adapted to the needs of each wine grower.

Collard International

In the Europe, USA, South America, Australia, New Zealand, China, etc. COLLARD Company has conquered most of the vineyards in the World ! Thanks to their wealth of experience, COLLARD speaks the language of all wine growers : the language of QUALITY and PERFORMANCE.

Collard Rigorous

Every stage in the production process is controlled to guarantee the quality. After final assembly each machine is run through the test bench, so we can guarantee that every machine leaving the factory is perfectly in accordance with the specifications of the customer.