• Châssis LZP polyvalent
  • Châssis LZP polyvalent
  • Châssis LZP polyvalent
  • Châssis LZP polyvalent
  • Châssis LZP polyvalent

large vines Multi purpose LZP

The COLLARD multi purpose frame LZP can receive mainly 4 tools: Vine Trimmer, Leaf Remover, Prepruner, Bud Remover. Its quick hitch system allows the operator to change the tool very quickly.

The multi purpose frame LZP consists of an oscillatory frame with hydraulic parallelogram (COLLARD Patent) allows to keep the top cutting element parallel to the ground or in a given position when moving the Trimmer.
Thanks to this frame, the tool is positioned in line with the tractor profile which reduces the bulk on the road.

According to the configuration, this frame is equipped with several hydraulic adjustments controlled thanks a joystick:

• Etc ...

We adapt the configuration of this frame to the characteristics of your vineyard (height and width of cut, spacing between the rows, height of the post, type of tractor, etc ...).

  • Prefiltration kit.
  • Ventilation kit.
  • Other specificities on request.

Our main advantages

From the falling of the flower heads to the harvest

The COLLARD Leaf Remover is designed to operate in green season or before harvest, our machines are perfectly versatile. Although today 80% of our Leaf Removers are sold worldwide for working in green season, historically, our machines have been developed for working before harvest, so just in front of the pickers.


Our COLLARD Leaf Removers are the result of a very long experience. It was in 1979 that COLLARD company marketed its first pneumatic Leaf Removers. Today all the vineyards of the world know and use our machines, with this experience they have become the reference of the market. Only in Champagne area we count more than 800 machines in service.

Orientation of the heads

The defoliating head is easily orientable to adjust the desired height of work.

Selection of the face to work

Traditionally we work in green season on the opposite side of the sun, to do this our COLLARD Leaf Removers are equipped with a 3 way valve allowing to choice the face of the row to defoliate.

Intensity adjustment

We adjust the intensity of work by intervening on several simple parameters:

  • Regulation of the air pressure (control valve with manometer).
  • Regulation of rotational speed of rotors.
  • Selection of the appropriate diameter of the air nozzle.
  • Orientation of the head.


A safety valve limits the risk of air overpressure in the machine circuit.
Our heads are mounted on an anti-shock system to absorb any shocks to work.


Our boosters are specially designed for COLLARD application (double oil bath, reinforced joints, service pressure, etc ...).

Easy maintenance

The heads are designed to be easily cleaned, the maintenance of our machines is reduced to a minimum.


Our Leaf Removers are guaranteed 2 years, this commitment is the fruit of a long experience through the most demanding vineyards of the world.

Carved to remove leaves

The design of our heads is carved to facilitate the penetration of our machines in the vegetation.
Minimal clutter, rounded shapes and maximum compactness make our COLLARD Leaf Removers the market leader

Exceptional hydraulic protection

Oil filtration, flow control, anti-return valve, pressure limiter, protect the hydraulic components of the Leaf Remover (motors, distributors, etc ...), these settings are sealed in the factory