• Prétailleuse vignes larges
  • Prétailleuse vignes larges
  • Prétailleuse vignes larges
  • Prétailleuse vignes larges
  • Prétailleuse vignes larges
  • Prétailleuse vignes larges
  • Prétailleuse vignes larges

large vines 1 or 2 rows

The COLLARD Prepruner 1 row (PCi 3000 LP or AVR) is designed to work on a great height. We offer a folding AVR frame in the road position.
We define the vertical height of our machines according to your needs.

Our machines have 3 modes of opening :

• Magnetic sensors : steel posts, usable before the leaves fall.
• Optical cells : Wood posts.
• Manual : via hand held switch for the operator.

Our machines are equipped with a system allowing an opening by a spring in case of impact with the post, this security protects the machine as well as your installations.

According to the configuration, these machines are equipped with several hydraulic settings controlled thanks a joystick:

• Height of work
• Width of the head
• Tilt correction

(Consult us for polyester trellis wires or vineyards in raze size).

  • Magnetic or cells automatic modes.
  • LP or AVR frame.
  • Saw blades kit for clear cutting.
  • Other specificities on request.

format 16:9

format 16:9

Our main advantages


In the case where the operator would forget to open the machine at the post (manual opening), the machine will open mechanically by spring so as to protect the machine as well as the post.

Orientation of the heads

The heads open backward of the machine so as not to take the vegetation "backfire", this principle facilitates the work at high speed.

Cut quality

Our cutting system has been studied to leave a vine shoot cut cleanly cut. The speed rotation of the blades is adjustable to optimize this cut.

Light and energy efficient

The COLLARD Prepruner is lightweight but robust and, it requires a hydraulic flow practically same as a Vine Trimmer, so very little "energy-intensive".


Easily, you can adjust the speed rotation of the blades, the opening delay and, adjust more or less the blade pressure on the cut depending on the density of the branches.


The vertical height is modular, we adapt it according to your needs.

Exceptional hydraulic protection

Oil filtration, flow control, anti-return valve, pressure limiter, protect the hydraulic components of the Leaf Remover (motors, distributors, etc ...), these settings are sealed in the factory