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large vines Multi purpose frame LZP

The COLLARD multi purpose frame LZP can receive mainly 4 tools: Vine Trimmer, Leaf Remover, Prepruner, Bud Remover. Its quick hitch system allows the operator to change the tool very quickly.

The multi purpose frame LZP consists of an oscillatory frame with hydraulic parallelogram (COLLARD Patent) allows to keep the top cutting element parallel to the ground or in a given position when moving the Trimmer.
Thanks to this frame, the tool is positioned in line with the tractor profile which reduces the bulk on the road.

According to the configuration, this frame is equipped with several hydraulic adjustments controlled thanks a joystick:
• Etc ...

We adapt the configuration of this frame to the characteristics of your vineyard (height and width of cut, spacing between the rows, height of the post, type of tractor, etc ...).

The options are based on the tool adapted on this frame (see options in the sections : Vine Trimmers, Leaf Removers, Prepruners).

  • Upper slope cylinders.
  • Power pack with or without cooler.
  • 3 points linkage attachment.
  • Other specificities on request.

Our main advantages


Our Vine Trimmers comply to their specific rule EN706. Our blades are dynamically balanced (anti-vibration), and forged in a particular material for maximum shock absorption, they are all identified for our internal traceability.

Cut quality

The edge of our elliptical blade (COLLARD Patent) draws a conical curve that makes it even more efficient and powerful. The "anti clogging" treatment facilitates the cleaning of the blades and considerably improves the cutting quality over time.

Quality and reliability

Our Vine Trimmers are guaranteed 2 years because we know very well that they are designed to long. This commitment is the result of a large number of technical specificities that only belong to the know-how and experience of COLLARD.

An alloy section guaranteed for life!

Patented, the alloy section element offers unrivaled rigidity while being of particularly reduced weight. Guarantee for life because it is considered indeformable ! Its resistance in torsion and in inflexion ensure a perfect protection of the transmission in the time, the maintenance of the cutting elements is practically null, no tension of the belts.

Design for trimming

The aerodynamic design of this profiled facilitates the penetration of our PROFILMATIC Vine Trimmers into the vegetation. The conical cup (COLLARD Patent) protects the cut branches of any asperities in the center of the blade, providing extra security to blade attachment, an added safety feature.

Protected transmission

Enclosed by the lid, the transmission is completely protected against the introduction of debris, dust, rain ...


The vertical cutting length is modular (COLLARD Patent), by adding or removing an extension, you can adapt your Vine Trimmer to the future evolution of the vineyard.

Anti-shock system

The vertical arms of the Vine Trimmer are equipped with an anti-shock system to cushion shocks at work.

Exceptional hydraulic protection

Oil filtration and flow control, anti-return valve, to protect the hydraulic components of our Vine Trimmer (motors, distributors, etc ...), these settings are sealed in the factory. The hydraulic motors have been especially designed to respond at our specifications.

Power of cutting

The COLLARD transmission has been designed to deliver exceptional cutting power. Our machines do not exclusively cut the vines, but many other plants with very demanding characteristics (lemon trees, orange trees, olive trees, kiwi, pistachio, hazelnut trees, etc ...).